1. Who is this program designed for?

This course is perfect for people with thyroid, autoimmune, and inflammatory disease who:

  • Are ready to banish fatigue and reclaim their energy!
  • Are stressed or prone to panic/anxiety attacks.
  • Can’t seem to lose weight no matter what they do.
  • Have insomnia you can’t shake.
  • Are tired of collapsing midday for a nap; unable to function until they rest.
  • Feel like they’re 90 years old and they’re not actually 90. Ack!
  • Don’t know what foods will heal and nourish them the best.
  • Want support to reduce or eliminate their reliance on thyroid medication or antidepressants.
  • Have thyroid levels that are “normal” but have several symptoms of thyroid disorder
  • Are tired of pulling their hair out (or watching it fall out) looking for relief from their symptoms.
  • Want to get off the blood sugar roller coaster and the mood swings that accompany it.
  • Look “fine” but feel terrible and are not getting the support they need from family and friends.
  • Have been told or made to feel “it’s all in your head.”

2. What does The Radical TLC Solution include?

The Radical TLC Solution is a home healing program consisting of a package of digital e-books.


  • A 6-week self-care blueprint with daily step-by-step action plans to help patients relieve their symptoms and support their body.
  • Clear and straightforward info on what is actually going on in that body of theirs so they can understand how they can love it back to health!
  • Simple plans for tackling time & stress management (a key component of their healing!)
  • A clear-cut method for putting it all together and customizing it to their unique needs, because there’s nothing about thyroid problems that are one-size-fits-all.
  • A food, mood and symptom journal, so they can see your progress as they heal.
  • Charts and trackers for temperature and digestion, to understand exactly how their body is working.
  • The Time Management Ninja Maker guide so they can karate chop stress and overwhelm out of their life.
  • Healing Foods Helper – my cheat sheet for creating nourishing meals & snacks on the fly so they’ll never have to stand around wondering what they can eat any more.
  • And more!

thumb1FREE BONUS #1: Thyroid Love 101 {a $37 value}

  • Finally understand, in plain English, what their thyroid is and what it actually does.
  • Recognize their specific thyroid dysfunction patterns to understand their particular needs.
  • Evaluate whether their doctor is meeting their needs—and how to find one who will.
  • Getting and understanding the blood tests they need.
  • And much more.

thumb1FREE BONUS #2: Symptom Relief Playbook {a $47 value}

  • Manage and heal the most common and most troubling symptoms of thyroid disease.
  • Discover which supplements are right for which symptoms.
  • Explore complementary healing techniques that can speed their recovery.
  • Get the inside scoop on healing that I’ve gleaned through my own experiences and years of helping others.


thumb1FREE BONUS #3: The Pantry Pro Guide {a $17 value}

  • A complete step-by-step guide to building a kitchen pantry that will support their healing.
  • What to toss, what to buy—and why.
  • How to organize their kitchen for maximum success.

Special Gift: Access to the RADICAL TLC HEALTHY THYROID private online community

Where they will find real (and real-time) support from others who are healing themselves and where they can rejoice in their own successes. This is the place they can be real, they can be vulnerable, they can put it all out on the table and get the love and support they deserve.. (Value? Priceless. You can’t buy this kind of personal, community support!)

thumb1SUPER SPECIAL GIFT: The Radical TLC Solution: Thyroid & Autoimmune Meal Plan + Cookbook {a $47 Value}

  • 4 weeks of Healing Menu Plans (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • 4 weeks of ready-made grocery lists
  • 4 weeks of Quick & Easy “Flash-chef” Recipes created with love by yours truly specifically for the Thyroid Loving Care Community
  • Extras #1: The TLC Pantry Pro Guide
  • Extras #2: The TLC Super Nourishing Snacks Guide
  • Extras #3: My insanely easy, easy-cheat grocery guide