Thyroid Loving Care Private Coaching

If your experience of health care has been frustrating and impersonal, with rushed office visits, a trickle of information and an avalanche of prescriptions, then prepare yourself for something totally different.

I’m raising the bar on thyroid care.

My holistic approach to thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory disease care means taking the time to get to know you so we can address your unique mind, body and spirit to resolve disorders that some mistakenly consider “incurable.”

And I provide solutions that work in the real world and tailor them to fit your lifestyle.


Jen Wittman, CHHC, AADP Holistic Health Expert Thyroid & Autoimmune Specialist

Why Private Coaching with TLC?

Unlike many practitioners, I have experience thyroid & autoimmune disease personally and have conquered it myself. I don’t coach based on “theories” and what “should work.” I provide insight from the inside…what has worked for me and previous coaching clients.

I work at your side every step of the way, collaborating with you through in-person, phone or skype sessions. We’ll begin by reviewing all facets of your emotional and physical wellbeing, addressing everything from diet and daily routines to stress levels and relationships. Your body already has an opinion on each one. Let’s tune in and listen—because that’s the first step to helping your body heal itself.

Next, we’ll create a clear action plan, customized to your lifestyle and your body’s specific needs, triggers and sensitivities—because true healing is never a one-size-fits-all journey. Each program also includes a plan for regular self-care, mindfulness, nutritional support and the gentle, ongoing lifestyle that I’ve found essential to thyroid and immune system healing.


What are my Private Coaching Options?

There are two fantastic ways to get coaching designed just for you!  Get a strategy that takes unique needs, situation and lifestyle into consideration.

  1. The TLC 1-hour Private Power Consultation
  2. TLC Private Coaching Annual Membership

1. The TLC 1-hour Private Power Consultation

Part discovery, part strategy, in this power-packed 1-hour session, we’ll discuss the challenges you’re experiencing, or what’s not going well and discover what your vision is for your health, weight, digestion, fitness, career, and lifestyle.  We’ll get to the root of what might be stopping you, slowing you down or preventing you from feeling better, so you know what to do next to move forward.  You’ll walk away from each session with a “next-steps” plan complete with a concrete strategy to put energy, joy and fulfillment back on your plate.

You'll learn:

  • Strategies and action steps to let your body know that you're back in charge!
  • How to connect to your body for powerful healing
  • Mindfulness practices to keep your spirit lifted and those pesky panic attacks at bay
  • How to get your sexy back.
  • Meal ideas that support your thyroid and reduce inflammation and symptoms of autoimmune and thyroid disease
  • How to schedule your day and manage your time to promote healing, energy and wellbeing
  • Remedies to help you sleep so the body can properly repair itself
  • The list goes on!

*I don't want a stretched budget to keep you from getting the help you need.  For this reason, all TLC programs are eligible for PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” payment plan.

To reserve your private consultation:

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  2. Schedule your appointment through our convenient online scheduling system here →


2. The TLC Private Coaching Annual Membership Program

An unbelievable deal on coaching throughout the year!  Included with your annual membership fee, you will receive:

  • FIVE 1-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions or TEN 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions to use any time you’d like throughout your membership year. *Available via phone or Skype.
  • Hot Health Resources — pre-recorded podcasts with top experts on everything related to thyroid and overall health including topics on the latest research, medical treatments, remedies and ancient healing traditions (that work!)
  • A $500 Credit toward 1 future Thyroid Healing Retreat in Sonoma County.
  • The Thyroid Fix in 6 Interactive, Online Coaching Program (including Home Healing Program, Thyroid Love 101, Symptom Relief Playbook, Pantry Pro Guide & the coveted 4-week Thyroid & Autoimmune Meal Plan + Cookbook)
  • Exclusive, FREE bonus materials from my Thyroid Radio show guests
  • Access to the private TLC Private Coaching FB community.
  • And, the sweetest bonus out there….100% off all future e-books created during your membership year from the TLC online store! You read that right, you get all the new e-books for FREE.

When you’re ready to truly take control of your life, it can be the difference between success or failure to find a guide who can show you the way. I have been down this road myself and guided dozens of others in my footsteps. Won’t you join me on this journey?

Don’t put off your life any longer. Invest in your long term health by clicking the button below.

1-hr Private Consultation
  • 1-hour private consultation + Action Plan via skype from anywhere in the world
  • Customized recommendations designed for your unique health & lifestyle needs
  • Personalized diet and supplement recommendations
  • Direct access to Jen for personal questions
  • Schedule anytime, as you need
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One hour private consultation

TLC Private Coaching 12-month Annual Membership
  • Over 20 Hours of Direct Coaching! (5 private sessions + 12 - 24 group sessions per year)
  • FREE: The Thyroid Fix in 6 Interactive, Online Coaching Program
  • $500 Credit toward 1 future Thyroid Healing Retreat in Sonoma County
  • 100% off all future e-books created during your membership year
  • + over $1000 in bonuses and loads more!
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